Monday, January 21, 2008

VFP Boot Camp in Kansas City

VisionPace has been one of the leaders in VFP training for some time. I got a notice today that they're running another of their well-regarded boot camps next month. While I haven't been myself, I have heard good things from those who have.

Here's the notice:
The next VFP Boot Camp will be in Kansas City, Missouri, February 25-27, 2008

Registration ends on February 6, 2008 for the highly-acclaimed VFP Boot Camp. This event delivers three jam-packed days of solid, hands-on learning. From the fundamentals of VFP development through the very latest VFP 9.0 features, this boot camp is designed to quickly get your VFP skills up to speed. Attendees will receive a 500 page manual in both print and electronic format.

For more information visit or email To register call 888-904-7900.

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