Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 13--Triple-header

Our March meeting features a tripleheader.
Part 1—Bill Fitzgerald: A tool for keeping SQL Server Tables in synch with VFP tables

Some richly-featured VFP applications might co-exist with SQL Server/.NET applications indefinitely, with the need for current reference data on both platforms.

This tool is aimed at synchronizing reference tables that are used and updated in a VFP application, but are needed for read only reference in SQL Server/.NET applications.

Part 2—Tamar Granor: The Method Tracker

The Method Tracker is a new developer tool that fills the niche between the Debugger’s Event Tracker and Coverage Profiler. It allows you to track the start and end of each method in form or class without adding any code to the tracked object. You can control what methods are tracked, and even track changes to properties.

Part 3—Open discussion on multi-user applications