Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 9: Tamar Granor on SQL Server

Our next meeting will be next Tuesday, September 9. We continue our Southwest Fox previews this month. Tamar Granor will be rehearsing her session “Go Beyond VFP's SQL with SQL Server”.

Abstract: The subset of SQL in Visual FoxPro is useful for many tasks. But there's much more to SQL than what VFP supports. Those additions make it easy to do a number of tasks that are difficult in VFP.

In this session, we'll solve some common problems, using SQL elements that are supported by SQL Server, but not by VFP. Among the problems we'll explore are combining a set of values contained in multiple records into a delimited list in a single record, working with hierarchical data like corporate organization charts, finding the top N records for each group in a result, and including summary records in grouped data.

Southwest Fox previews will continue on October 14 when Toni Feltman will present (remotely) both of her Southwest Fox sessions: I Need a REST! and
Should I be Concerned?