Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Change of plans for January meeting

Unfortunately, Bob Pierce is home sick with a bad cold, so he won't be able to present on Guineu tonight. Seems like that topic is cursed, since Bob was previously supposed to give the talk in November. But we will reschedule it.

Instead, based on a vote of members, I will present "Using the VFP Debugger Effectively." Here's the blurb:

Visual FoxPro has a powerful debugger that provides many tools for finding problems with your code. This session will dig into the Debugger, showing how you can make the most of its tools in order to speed development, improve your code, and understand VFP better.

Interestingly, this is the topic I presented at our group's first meeting back in September, 2005. But there's so much wealth in the Debugger that I hope everyone will find something new to learn.

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Pocono Tochan said...

This was a very good education session.

Biggest take-away for the night was that if you just hover over a variable in the tracer window, you can see the value.

Like all good tips, it seems so obviously once you learn it.

Dan Baker