Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Marcia Akins to visit in June

Mark your calendars now for June 18, when Marcia Akins will speak to our group. Marcia is the co-author of "1001 Things You Wanted to Know about Visual FoxPro" and "MegaFox: 1002 Things You Wanted to Know about Extending Visual FoxPro," as well as the KitBox column. She'll speak on "Practical Uses of the Windows API."

April meeting--Bill Fitzgerald on Scoresheet plus Code Review

Our next meeting will be next Wednesday, April 16, 2008 at 7 PM at Valley Forge Pension Management, 715 Twining Road, Suite 202, Dresher, PA 19025. (The Oreland offramp from PA 309 Southbound has been permanently closed. The easiest way to reach the meeting location from the PA Turnpike or 309 Southbound is to come through the Fort Washington Industrial Park.)

As always, you can bring dinner and arrive as early as 6:30 for some time to mingle.

We have a double-header this month. First, member Bill Fitzgerald will do a mini-session on Scoresheet, a VFP 9 report generator.

Scoresheet is a tool which allows endusers to customize Financial Statements using data from Accpac Pro Series. The tool uses some of the advanced features of the VFP 9 report writer by allowing the user to create a variable number of columns and formats in a secure setting.

Bill Fitzgerald is founder and president of Woodbury Systems Group, a Long Island based consultancy specializing in using Visual Foxpro to develop and support Financial, Distribution and Manufacturing System for small to mid-sized businesses.

He founded Woodbury Systems Group in 1984 after a long career in corportate MIS and Financial management. Since he moved to Hamilton NJ in 2006, his daughter and long-time partner Deirdre Volpe has assumed the responsibilities of running the business in New York and Bill has concentrated on programming, golf, painting and his family.

Bill saw combat with the United States Air Force. He has a BS from Adelphi University and is a Visual FoxPro MCP.

After Bill's presentation, Bob Pierce will lead an informal code review. All members are encouraged to bring some Visual Foxpro code that they have issues with or would just like to get feedback on from the group. We will examine the code samples as a group to discuss was to improve the codes reliability, reusability, and maintainability. We will discuss some of the issues involved in refactoring the code.