Wednesday, September 5, 2018

WEDNESDAY Sept 12: Tamar Granor on Drag and Drop

Our next meeting is Wednesday, September 12. (Note the special meeting night, due to Rosh Hashanah.) 

Tamar Granor will do a Southwest Fox preview with her session “Drag Your Applications into the 21st Century with Drag-and-Drop.”

Abstract: Users today expect to be able to interact with applications by dragging and dropping. FoxPro has offered drag-and-drop capability since VFP 3, but many developers have never worked with it. In fact, VFP offers two separate approaches for drag-and-drop, a native capability and OLE drag-and-drop, which allows you to interact with other applications and gives you greater control over the process. In this session, we'll look at both approaches and show both how easy simple drag-and-drop is, and the complex things you can accomplish with it.

Also, be aware that registration is still open for the Southwest Fox conference October 18-21 in Gilbert, AZ. Check out the speakers and topics.