Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 5--Toni Feltman--An introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services (Part 1)

Our next meeting is next Tuesday, November 10. Note that we will meet in Room 125.

Toni Feltman’s postponed September session has been divided into two parts. This month is part 1.

Title: An introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services (Part 1)


SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is the Microsoft answer to reporting tools like Crystal Reports. The really nice thing about SSRS is that a version is now included with SQL Server Express which is FREE. Free is good, right? SQL Server Reporting Services is a quick and inexpensive way for developers to create and deploy reports when using SQL Server as the database engine. It is not difficult to use and is similar to other reporting tools that may already be in your toolbox. There are benefits to having a language-agnostic reporting tool such as the ability to share reports between different applications and platforms. It also makes really good sense to have a reporting tool tightly coupled with the data used for reporting.

Desktop applications need reporting. These applications are being extended through other technologies such as the web and mobile. Even if your development environment has its own reporting engine, SQL Server Reporting Services is a great way to get query and reporting capabilities that are available on the desktop, web and mobile device all from one code base.

In this Part I session we will talk about:
         Where to find and how to install SQL Server Express and SQL Server Reporting Services
         The basics of the Report Builder and Visual Studio Data Tools
         Different Ways to tie data to reports
         The native Report Output Options
         How to accomplish some simple reporting tasks.

Mark December 8th for Part 2.