Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday, October 11--Menachem Bazian on Stored Procedures

Our Southwest Fox previews continue on Tuesday, October 11 as Menachem Bazian presents "Boosting Your Client Server Application Using Stored Procedures." Because this session will be 3-hour precon at Southwest Fox, we will begin very close to 6:30 PM.

We will provide dinner again this month (we'll eat while Menachem speaks), so if you plan to come and eat, email tamar@tamargranor.com to ensure we have enough food.

Bio: Menachem Bazian, CPA, CITP is President and founder of BC Consulting Services, Inc, a Business Management and Technology Consulting Firm based in Northern NJ. Menachem has been a database developer for over 20 years, having starting out with Dbase II and moved on to Dbase III, Clipper, Foxbase and all the versions of Visual FoxPro to date. He returned to the Fox speaking circuit several years ago and has presented at Southwest Fox for several years. He has published numerous articles and books over the years.

Abstract: Stored procedures can be essential to an efficient client server application. Stored procedures provide a great many potential benefits including more efficient processing of certain operations, front-end-independent operation (which can be especially useful if your database is being accessed by both a desktop and a web based application) and more.

But stored procedures come at a cost too. Stored procedures are back end specific and they also require a little different way of thinking about your code and application.

This session will introduce you to stored procedures using two of the most popular SQL back ends: MySQL and SQL Server.