Thursday, July 5, 2018

Tuesday, July 10: Menachem Bazian on “Harnessing the power of WordPress”

Our next meeting is Tuesday, July 10. The meeting will begin at 7 PM, but bring some dinner and come as early as 6:30 PM. If you arrive at Smooth-On and there’s no one to let you in, call Bob Pierce at (610) 865-6910.

Menachem Bazian returns to teach us about “Harnessing the power of WordPress.”

Abstract: WordPress is the most popular CMS on the market today. Using WordPress, you can create robust websites with relative ease. But, like everything, using WordPress has its costs as well. This session will discuss how to use WordPress, some of the must have plugins for your site and how to write your own plugin so you can show data from your Visual FoxPro application on the site.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

May 8, 2018: Bob Pierce on Interface Design elements

Our next meeting is next Tuesday, May 8. Member Bob Pierce will present. 

Here’s Bob’s description of the session: I will be showing many examples of interface design elements that are included in Smooth-On’s ERP/MRP.  These examples, made entirely in VFP, will show a number of approaches that were used to solve diverse problems, and a brief glimpse of how they were put together.  If time permits I can also show a couple of Tricks & Tips that I use on a regular basis.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

March 13, 2018: Tamar E. Granor: "You Mean I Have to Write About It, Too?"

We’ll start meeting again next Tuesday, March 13 (and then meet on the second Tuesday of May, July, September and November). As usual, the meeting will begin at 7 PM, but bring some dinner and come as early as 6:30 PM. 

Group member and author Tamar E. Granor will present a workshop titled “You Mean I Have to Write About It, Too?”

Abstract: Many software developers would prefer never to have to write in a natural language; they're much happier with programming languages. But the ability to communicate in writing is actually an essential skill for successful software development. Developers need to be able to write specifications and developer documentation, as well as to clearly ask questions of their customers and to answer customer questions. In some cases, developers are responsible for end-user documentation, too.

In this session, we'll see how to produce documents that say what you need to say in an accessible way, whether you're writing a user manual or an email. We'll look at all stages of the writing process, from organization to writing to editing to proofing. Come prepared to write and edit both your own and that of a peer. Please bring something on which to write and something to write with.

Bio: Tamar E. Granor, Ph.D., is the owner of Tomorrow's Solutions, LLC. She has developed and enhanced numerous Visual FoxPro applications for businesses and other organizations.

Tamar is author or co-author of more than a dozen books including the award winning Hacker's Guide to Visual FoxPro and Microsoft Office Automation with Visual FoxPro. Her most recent books are VFPX: Open Source Treasure for the VFP Developer and Making Sense of Sedna and SP2.

Tamar served as Editor of FoxPro Advisor magazine from 1994 to 2000 and was Technical Editor from 2000 to 2008. She served as co-author of the popular Advisor Answers column from 1993 to 2008. She has also written for FoxTalk and CoDe; she currently writes for FoxRockX.

Tamar is one of the organizers of the annual Southwest Fox conference and founder of the Philadelphia Visual FoxPro User Group. In 2007, she received the Visual FoxPro Community Lifetime Achievement Award. She received Microsoft Support's Most Valuable Professional award annually from the program's inception in 1993 through 2010. Tamar speaks frequently about Visual FoxPro at conferences and user groups in North America and Europe.

If you have something to present to the group, please contact Jim Connolly,

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

November 14, 2017: G. N. Shah of Macrosoft on "Technology Outlook and VFP Migration in Real Life"

Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 14 at Smooth-On Inc., 5600 Lower Macungie Rd, Macungie, PA 18062. The meeting will begin at 7 PM, but bring some dinner and come as early as 6:30 PM. 

Our speaker will be G. N. Shah, the Chief Technology Officer of Macrosoft. His topic is Technology Outlook and VFP Migration in Real Life.


Presentation and discussion will cover real life case studies including:
·       Technology Outlook
o   Modern Technology Stack
o   Cloud
o   AI / ML and Data Science
·       Application Transformation Strategy
·       Transformation Process
·       How you can start your Next Generation Technology Transformation
·       Case Studies
·       Problem Statement
·       Tools Used to Speed Results
·       Automated Testing
·       Actual Results

Bio: G. N. Shah is a forward thinking, corporate leader with twenty years’ experience delivering top notch customer solutions in large scale and enterprise business environments.  His proven abilities as a technology visionary and driver of strategic business systems development allow Macrosoft to deliver best in class software solutions.

At Macrosoft, Shah has successfully delivered multiple migration projects. Shah holds an MBA in addition to multiple professional and technical certifications. His areas of expertise include enterprise-wide architecture, application migration, IT transformation, mobile, and offshore development management.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Tuesday, September 12: Bob Pierce on Dashboards and Graphics

Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 12. As usual, the meeting will begin at 7 PM, but bring some dinner and come as early as 6:30 PM. 

Our speaker will be member Bob Pierce. Here’s his description:

Dashboards and Graphics – I will show how I have integrated graphics and dashboards to make information faster to digest.  I will explore several different techniques to present data with and without graphics.  Several of the styles are straight VFP implementations, but also will show a couple tools from VFPX.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

July 11: Menachem Bazian on DataTables

Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 11 (early notice due to the holiday next week). The meeting will begin at 7 PM, but come as early as 6:30 PM for dinner, which the group will provide. (If you’re coming for dinner, please send an email to, so we get enough food.)

Our speaker will be Menachem Bazian.

Title: Enhance Data Presentation with DataTables
Abstract: DataTables is a jQuery plugin that is a must for any web developer that uses tables. DataTables packs a huge one-two punch in terms of quick, out of the box functionality and incredibly powerful options to customize it just for your needs. If you use tables in your webapps, this session is a must for you.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 2: Tour of Smooth-on plus Dinner

This time, we mean it. We’ll begin meeting again next Tuesday, May 9 with a special treat, a tour of the Smooth-On plant in Macungie, PA. The meeting will begin at 7 PM, but come as early as 6:30 PM for dinner, which the group will provide. (If you’re coming for dinner, please email Bob Pierce, so we get enough food.)

The address is:
Smooth-On Inc.
5600 Lower Macungie Rd
Macungie, PA 18062

Abstract: Smooth-On is a large chemical manufacturer that recently moved into a new facility just south of Allentown.  Prior to the move, we used VFP to do Order Entry, Inventory Control,  Purchase Orders, Formula Management and Batch Scheduling, among other things.  When we made the move, we took it to the next level and used VFP to Automate much of the manufacturing process.  This tour will be conducted by the COO and explain the process, show examples of the types of things are made with our products, and discuss the benefits and challenges of the transformation. More info about the company at

After this meeting, we’ll meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every other month through November, so mark your calendar for July 11, September 12, and November 14.