Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 11--Tamar Granor: Top 10 (or more) Reasons to Use the Toolbox

The Southwest Fox rehearsals continue at our next meeting on Tuesday, August 11. As usual, feel free to bring dinner and come as early as 6:30.

Tamar E. Granor will present "Top Ten (or more) Reasons to Use the Toolbox":

The VFP Toolbox is a terrific tool, but many VFP developers have never really used it. In this session, we'll look at why you should use this tool everyday. We will look at built-in capabilities like an easy way to drop controls into grid columns. We'll also see how to customize it for your development environment, including having each control you drop given an appropriate name. Finally, we'll explore some easy extensions that make the Toolbox even more useful, such as making it easy to store web links.

Tamar E. Granor, Ph.D., is the owner of Tomorrow's Solutions, LLC. She has developed and enhanced numerous Visual FoxPro applications for businesses and other organizations. She currently focuses on working with other developers through consulting and subcontracting.

Tamar served as Editor of FoxPro Advisor magazine from 1994 to 2000 and was Technical Editor from 2000 to 2008. She served as co-author of the popular Advisor Answers column from 1993 to 2008. She has also written for FoxTalk and CoDe; she currently writes for FoxRockX.

Tamar is author or co-author of ten books including the award winning Hacker's Guide to Visual FoxPro and Microsoft Office Automation with Visual FoxPro. Her most recent books are Making Sense of Sedna and SP2 and Taming Visual FoxPro's SQL. Her books are available from Hentzenwerke Publishing (www.hentzenwerke.com).

In 2007, Tamar received the Visual FoxPro Community Lifetime Achievement Award. She has received Microsoft Support's Most Valuable Professional award annually since the program's inception in 1993. Tamar speaks frequently about Visual FoxPro at conferences and user groups in North America and Europe.
You can reach her at tamar@thegranors.com or through www.tomorrowssolutionsllc.com.

Also, mark your calendar for Tuesday, September 8, when Toni Feltman will present "Introduction to Subversion and Tortoise SVN."