Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March, 2013--Bill Fitzgerald on "A VFP programmer's approach to handling data in .NET.”

Our next meeting is next Tuesday, March 12 at 7 PM in Room 158, DeVry University, 1140 Virginia Drive, Fort Washington, PA.

Member Bill Fitzgerald  is speaking this month. The topic is “A VFP programmer's approach to handling data in .NET.”

Abstract: About 6  years ago I started learning .NET and now more than 50% of my programming is done in .NET. I found some good books but most of them don't approach .NET from the point of view of a desktop database programmer and the few that do are seriously out of date.

Unlike VFP which has its own built in methods for handling data, .NET is data neutral, so countless ways of handling data have emerged and continue to emerge. It took about 4 years of trial and error before I settled on an approach to handling data within .NET desktop applications that resonated
somewhat with the way I did things with VFP. The approach is also applicable to web applications though my focus has been on the desktop.

In this session, I’ll use a small database to demonstrate my approach to handling data in .NET/SQL Server.