Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 14 meeting--Bob Pierce

Our next meeting is Tuesday, January 14. Our speaker this month is Bob Pierce. He describes his session this way:

VFPX has some very powerful tools that are literally take off where MicroSoft  left off.  This month I will be looking at the new E-Book explaining how to get the most from VFPX.  This will explore the contents of this book and explain how it will help you maximize your time deciding which tools are worth exploring for your needs and how to get up and running quickly with those tools even though there is some lacking in documentation for some of the projects.  With the breath of VFPX addons available, this will give you an overview of how to get started quickly to give you enhanced productivity in the IDE as well as give your projects a fresh look and feel that is more modern.  I would also like to have an interactive discussion of some currently topical subjects such as Big data, Data Mining, Business Intelligence, CRM and the like to find out what is already being handled by VFP in our daily use and the hype of some of these buzzwords.

Our February 11 will feature Menachem Bazian, doing the rescheduled session "Web Services: How to create them and use them to share data between your web applications and Visual FoxPro."