Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 11: Bob Pierce double-header

Our next meeting is next Tuesday, November 11. Member Bob Pierce will speak this month with two short topics:

Loosely coupled VFP data

While trying to get a forklift program going, I was having trouble with dropped wifi signals in the warehouse.  So I developed a background data program that maintains data on a local drive that gets updated from data on the server.  I realized later that this technique can also be used during our move to the new facilities when running the in house MRP from multiple locations.  In addition it can be used as a mechanism to sync remote data and even reduce total network traffic.

Working with VFP and SQL together and providing easier migration path

I have developed a simple technique that allows me to work with MySql, Sql Server and other SQL flavors within the VFP environment.  No big deal you say, been there done that…  The class I developed allows you to mix and match the data using VFP syntax without knowing where the data is or what type of host it is on.  This allows me to move data piecemeal in my migration, not change the code in the program (except the added class), to eliminate case sensitivity (MySql on Linux), and to use VFP user defined functions against any data. 

Mark your calendars for December 9 for the return of Menachem Bazian.