Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday, July 9--Tuvia Vinitsky on “Credit Cards and EFT/ACH in VFP”.

This month, we start a series of Southwest Fox preview sessions. Our speaker will be Tuvia Vinitsky and the topic is “Credit Cards and EFT/ACH in VFP”.

Abstract: Many applications today require the user to charge a credit card or process an ACH bank account transfer. Processing credit cards and EFT transactions in VFP involves both technical aspects and security aspects.

What is the best approach? What does PCI-compliant mean? What is the best way to connect securely to the credit card processor? What are terms like AVS and CPS? What do I have to do to keep my app current?

Software like PC-Charge and gateways like Authorize.net are essential to credit card processing. They serve different purposes, however, and knowing what services to use when can be confusing.

The requirements are very strict as to what information you can store and how it is stored. Violating these rules can result in the client losing their credt card processing priveleges.

EFT's are increasingly popular. Learn the difference between EFT and e-checks and how to process both.

Tuvia Vinitsky is a principal in Vinitsky Consulting Inc. VCI develops and markets major vertical applications for non-profit organizations and community centers (JCC, YMCA). They also provide custom software and website development.

Tuvia's Fox experience dates back to the days of FoxBase and Compuserve. He has written for FoxTalk and has been a presenter numerous times at regional users' groups. Tuvia has always enjoyed expanding the capabilities of Foxpro, whether it was graphic printer drivers in the days of DOS or Web enabling the latest VFP 9 features.

Tuvia believes in having both breadth and depth of experience. He has served as project leader for many large projects, including projects at companies like Avis-Rent-a-Car, Chicago Board of Trade, Marmon Group and Lotus.

Tuvia and his family are long time Chicago residents. He attended Northwestern University, and is an ordained Rabbi. His years at Northwestern, with its reputation for the performing arts, must have left a mark—not only is he known for his popular presentations on software development, but he frequently is a guest speaker on Jewish philosophy and teachings.

Mark your calendar now for next month’s meeting. On August 13, Hank Fay will present "Moving VFP Applications to the Cloud Using Lianja."