Wednesday, February 13, 2008

February 20--Menachem Bazian on VFP and MySQL

The Philadelphia VFP User Group will meet on Wednesday, February 20, at 7 PM. We're very pleased to present Menachem Bazian, long-time VFP guru and an extremely engaging speaker.

The group will provide dinner this month, so if you plan to come in time to eat, email Dinner begins at 6:30.

Location: Valley Forge Pension Management, 715 Twining Road, Suite 202, Dresher, PA 19025
Note: The Oreland offramp from PA 309 Southbound has been permanently closed. The easiest way to reach the meeting location from the PA Turnpike or 309 Southbound is to come through the Fort Washington Industrial Park.

Speaker: Menachem Bazian

Menachem Bazian is a New York certified CPA and is a Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP). He is President and CEO of BC Consulting Services, Inc., a full services business management and technology consultancy specializing in optimizing business operations through intelligent integration of business processes and technology.

Menachem has been a VFP developer since the early days. He actually started out with Dbase II before moving on to Dbase III, Clipper, FoxBase, FoxPro and then to Visual FoxPro. He has authored three books on Fox, numerous articles in various publications, and spoke at 10 of the first 11 DevCons.

Lately he has been specializing in client-server development using SQL Server and, even more recently, with MySQL.

Topic: VFP and MySQL

Visual FoxPro is the premier tool for developing robust client-server applications using a wide range of database backends. The two most popular are, perhaps, SQL Server and MySQL.

This session will show a method for rapid development of Client Server applications using Visual FoxPro. The goals of this session are

1) To highlite the differences between developing applications based on native Visual FoxPro tables and a Client Server backend,

2) To illustrate the differences between back-end environments,

3) To illustrate that development of a client server application is actually very simple and requires little extra coding knowledge beyond standard Visual Foxpro syntax.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Menachem Bazian to speak at February meeting!

We're really excited that long-time FoxPro developer Menachem Bazian will speak at our February 20th meeting. Menachem has been part of the Fox community since the 1980's and was part of the team at Flash Creative Management back in the Codebook days. He'll speak on VFP and MySQL.