Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sedna ships

Sedna, the long-awaited extensions to VFP 9, shipped over last weekend. Be aware that despite the stated requirement of VFP 9 SP2, the Sedna extensions work with VFP 9 SP1.

You can get both SP2 and Sedna from the VFP home page:

Monday, January 21, 2008

VFP Boot Camp in Kansas City

VisionPace has been one of the leaders in VFP training for some time. I got a notice today that they're running another of their well-regarded boot camps next month. While I haven't been myself, I have heard good things from those who have.

Here's the notice:
The next VFP Boot Camp will be in Kansas City, Missouri, February 25-27, 2008

Registration ends on February 6, 2008 for the highly-acclaimed VFP Boot Camp. This event delivers three jam-packed days of solid, hands-on learning. From the fundamentals of VFP development through the very latest VFP 9.0 features, this boot camp is designed to quickly get your VFP skills up to speed. Attendees will receive a 500 page manual in both print and electronic format.

For more information visit or email To register call 888-904-7900.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Change of plans for January meeting

Unfortunately, Bob Pierce is home sick with a bad cold, so he won't be able to present on Guineu tonight. Seems like that topic is cursed, since Bob was previously supposed to give the talk in November. But we will reschedule it.

Instead, based on a vote of members, I will present "Using the VFP Debugger Effectively." Here's the blurb:

Visual FoxPro has a powerful debugger that provides many tools for finding problems with your code. This session will dig into the Debugger, showing how you can make the most of its tools in order to speed development, improve your code, and understand VFP better.

Interestingly, this is the topic I presented at our group's first meeting back in September, 2005. But there's so much wealth in the Debugger that I hope everyone will find something new to learn.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January meeting--Bob Pierce on Guineu

Our January meeting will take place on Wednesday, January 16, 2008 at 7 PM. Member Bob Pierce will speak about Guineu.

The Guineu project is one of the most promising solutions to the VFP developer to be able to extend the viability of the language we all love. Being run by Christof Wollenhaupt, one of the brightest minds in the Fox community, the Guineu project is a replacement set of runtime DLL's that run your compiled VFP code in a .NET environment.

So what does that mean for us, for starters your VFP application can now run on most platforms that support .NET. This includes future versions of Microsoft OS, Linux, PDA's, and web pages.

Currently the project is still very young and is far from being complete, but it already provides usable functionality and is being updated aggressively. I will show how to take a simple existing program, compile it with Guineu, and run it in Windows, Linux, PDA, and a web page.

More information can be found at and the beta is available free.

Robert Pierce is currently the Manager of Information Services and senior developer at Smooth-On Inc., a rubber and plastics manufacturing company located in Easton, PA. With 23 years of custom Fox programming experience; he has been a consultant, a contract programmer, and part of the TIW development team.

As always, feel free to bring dinner and come as early as 6:30

Welcome to the Philadelphia Visual FoxPro User Group's blog!

Our user group is now about two years old. We've been meaning to set up a website, but haven't quite gotten there yet. Member Bill Fitzgerald pointed out that a blog would provide an easy way to post notices without the overhead of maintaining a website. So Bob Pierce and I, who run the group, decided to give a try.