Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tuesday, March 8--Tamar E. Granor--Going OVER and above with SQL

Our next meeting will be next Tuesday, March 8. Our speaker this month will be member Tamar E. Granor who’ll present “Going OVER and Above with SQL."

Abstract: The SQL 2003 standard introduced the OVER keyword that lets you apply a function to a set of records. Introduced in SQL Server 2005, this capability was extended in SQL Server 2012. The functions allow you to rank records, aggregate them in a variety of ways, put data from multiple records into a single result record, and compute and use percentiles. The set of problems they solve range from removing exact duplicates to computing running totals and moving averages to comparing data from different periods to removing outliers.

In this session, we'll look at the OVER operator and the many functions you can use with it. We'll look at a variety of problems that can be solved using OVER.

You will learn:

    How to find the top N records in a group
    How to compute running totals and moving averages
    How to compare data from multiple records side-by-side
    How to divide records into n-tiles, including percentiles
    How to search for records in a particular percentile