Monday, July 30, 2012

August 14: Bazian on PHP

Menachem Bazian returns to Philly for a Southwest Fox preview on August 14. He'll be rehearsing his preconference session "PHP for the VFP Developer." Here's his abstract:

Often a Visual FoxPro application will have to share data with a web application. You may be asked to write web reports or simple routines to interact with your data.

When it comes to web technologies, Linux is far more prevalent than Windows. In fact, 66.1% of all internet web servers are running Apache whereas only 18.4% are using IIS. When it comes to server side languages, PHP commands 77.3% of the market.

PHP and Apache also have the benefit of being cross platform. Apache runs on Linux and Windows, PHP runs on Apache or IIS.

Although PHP can look very strange at first, there are strong correlations between Visual FoxPro and PHP. Learning to work with PHP is not that difficult, even if you have never seen it before.

This session will give a primer on PHP and discuss how you can work with your client-server data in both Visual FoxPro and on your web application.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

No July meeting; Bazian in August

We're having no meeting on July 10. Stay home and enjoy the All-Star Game. But save August 14, as Menachem Bazian will preview one of his Southwest Fox sessions.