Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 14 meeting--Craig Benson and more

Our April headliner is Craig Benson from TIW. He'll present two short topics.

Embedded Hyperlinks

Embedded File Hyperlinks provide a simple method from within a VFP application to access all types of files including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and CAD drawings. An easy approach will be demonstrated for enabling the user to add these links to any existing application. This capability has been a real crowd pleaser with our customers.

Screen Modification Tool

The ALERE products include a screen modification tool that allows our users to change the layout and properties of objects on any form in real time. This feature provides form modification capabilities with a presentation consistent with the VFP Form Designer. This tool supports the dragging and dropping of objects and the changing of properties on a custom property sheet. The capabilities, design and underlying structure will be presented and examined.

In addition, Bill Fitzgerald will present a brief demo of the WAV player foundation class.